Company Profile

Abinatha Investments Limited (AIL) is a private limited liability company incorporated under the Companies Code,1963 (ACT 179) in January,2009.

The Company's authorised business includes

- Logistics and Support Service.
- Dealers in Pertroleum Products.
- Importers and Exporters of General Goods.
- Dealers in Building Materials and Hardware.
- Manufacturers Representatives
- Trading in General Goods

Abinatha is a firm believer that in business today the ability to develop, nurture and cultivate strategic OUTSOURCING partnership is crucial to achieving competitive success.

Corporate Vision
Our vision is to develop Abinatha Investments into a world class integrated logistics and support services organization, dedicated to total satisfaction of our clients.

Corporate Mission
Our Mission is to provide high quality, comfortable, convenient and safe integrated logistical and support services to our clients and in so doing, we prioritize the interest of our customers by ensuring the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

In pursuit of excellence, we also strive to meet the desired expectation of all stakeholders, by being one of the most cost effective and efficient logistics and support service providers in the country.

Social Responsibility
Abinatha Investments believes that to be able to serve our community, one would have to be a part of the community in giving people's lives a meaning by developing the indomitable human spirit. In this effort, we sow seeds to churches and Non-Governmental Organizations to enable them help the needy by providing them with basic necessities and nourishment for their spirits through the Gospel of Christ.


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